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Electronics Recycling Baltimore

Established in 1989, BMDI LLC has been providing asset liquidation and disposal services of surplus and decommissioned computer, telephone, networking, medical and lab equipment in Baltimore., as part of BMDI LLC, is one of the largest and most respected IT and electronic recyclers in Baltimore and the US.

We pride ourselves on establishing environmentally responsible equipment recycling. Our organization has created practices and protocols that protect the privacy of our clients, as well as the environment and the health of our community.

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Since its inception, BMDI LLC has subjected itself to strict protocol to better protect the environment in Baltimore. Our ZERO landfill policy has prevented hazardous and toxic substances from running-off into landfill soil and subsequently into our water supply, which could cause severe and life-threatening illnesses.

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Most business owners understand that the improper disposal of computer equipment and their information is both environmentally irresponsible and legally apprehensible in Baltimore. Our disposal methods are in strict accordance with The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and HIMDA regulations.

When corporations choose to donate their equipment, they hope to reduce the financial burden of proper equipment removal and disposal in Baltimore. While this certainly builds goodwill and helps the impoverished, it does little, if anything, to ensure the security of the company’s data. And ultimately, adds another notch on the belt of custody for antiquated technologies. Our mission is to facilitate the safe disposal of these technologies, absolving your organization of the burden and cost.

Computers, like other electronic equipment, are taken apart to be recycled. Plastic parts are taken off and sent through a grinder. Computer boards are removed and broken down. CRT monitors are processed individually due to a high concentration of hazardous materials inside the tubes. After dismantlement, the monitor tubes are sent to facilities approved for CRT monitor processing.

All telephone equipment is evaluated and broken down. The plastic parts are sent through the hammer mill and pulverized into tiny pellets, while internal circuitry is ground up and sold as scrap. All batteries are recycled through EMD approved agencies.

We handle virtually all other types of electronic equipment in Baltimore. So if it can be plugged into the wall, we can recycle it.

We handle virtually all types of electronic equipment recycling in Baltimore. Transformers are removed and sold as scrap. Batteries and hazardous elements, such as mercury switches, are sealed up in metal drums and recycled through EMD approved specialists. Some parts contain precious metals, such as gold. These are taken to a melting operation, melted down and separated into pure metal. The circuit boards themselves are incinerated and the remnants are sold as slag to mining companies who view it as rich ore.


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The most dire issue in equipment removal in Baltimore is keeping your company's information safe, but many places only imply that data will be destroyed. At BMDI we guarantee that your company's pertinent information will be destroyed by one of three methods of data destruction we have at our disposal.

We use the same software sanctioned by the U.S Department of Defense for data wiping (Wipedrive Pro). It is safe, fast, and ensures your information has been destroyed. 

Using a Garner HD-1 Magnetic Hard Drive Degausser, we erase all data, formatting, and the factory installed magnetic servo tracks located on the hard disc platters.

Our Huskie Model EP-610 Hydraulic Crusher delivers 15 tons of force, with an operating pressure of 10,000 psi channeled from an external hydraulic pressure source. This machine is capable rendering hard drives totally useless within approximately 5 seconds. Done on site for customer verification.

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Baltimore IT Recycle
Disposing of decommissioned and surplus equipment can be a pain in both your neck and wallet. Let BMDI ease that burden with our all too capable staff and low removal rates. Locally, we are able utilize our vans and trucks, while regionally and nationally, we can arrange transportation with a straight truck, tractor trailer, LTL(Less than Truck Load) or Full Load.

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As a business owner, it can be incredibly difficult to keep up with the rate at which technology has been changing and progressing. That which was elite two years ago, has now been trumped by some new emerging piece of hardware. A complete overhaul of your equipment can be pricey and impractical, and you don’t want to completely dump all of your assets, without properly depreciating them. Think your equipment is still worth something? We offer free consultation as well as equipment assessments that can help your company grow and save money.

BMDI LLC will pay you the current market value for your equipment if it is still worth something. If interested in electronics recycling in Baltimore, don’t wait, request a call back or contact us yourself now.

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